Version: 3.4.0

Avigilon Camera Resolution and Lens Estimator

Step 1 - Enter Scene Measurements



Degrees (°)

Step 2 - Review Camera and Lens Calculation Results
Camera Models Resolution (Megapixels) Lens Format Focal Length (mm) Pixels/ft Pixels/m
Step 3 - Select a Camera and Lens

Pixels/Foot across the scene width.  
For the selected camera and lens the scene details are as below. Select a different recommended lens or camera to see the resulting scene details.

0 Feet 0 Feet 0 Feet 0 ° 0 ° 0 Pixels/Foot 0

Reference Images

Notice: The reference images below were taken in ideal conditions and should serve as a starting point for calculations. The actual number of pixels required will increase on a case by case basis as lighting conditions and other environmental factors change.

For help with the lens calculator contact Avigilon support by calling 888-281-5182 or by e-mailing
Click here to download a zip file containing the Avigilon NVR Storage Estimator and Camera Resolution and Lens Estimator for use offline.